What Does Wireless Home Security Really Mean?

Ben NyeMeet Benjamin Nye, husband, father of three girls, tennis and golf enthusiast and Internet of Things technology consultant. Benjamin and his family recently moved from a traditional security system with a panel on the wall to the wireless Helix platform. We asked Benjamin to share what home security– specifically wireless home security– means to him and his family.

Here’s Benjamin to share his experience– 

With a growing family and a new home, I bought a security system for peace of mind and safety for my family about six years ago. Over time, the system became rather antiquated and limited. I wanted a system that could do more. Being in the technology space, I know and trust the knowledge of the people who built the Helix. Because they were a part of its creation, I knew it’d be nothing less than a rock-solid solution, so we decide to go with it.

Remote Access

I really liked that Helix was able to communicate to numerous wireless devices in and outside of our home. We have instant access to door locks, cameras, garage doors, and more. This platform also allows for remote access to view, monitor and manage our home from anywhere in the world. From a pure technology perspective, I really like that Helix is able to communicate to numerous wireless protocols and devices. Our old system was rather antiquated and limited, and we didn’t have any of these capabilities.

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One of the best features is the ability to remotely lock and unlock our doors. I didn’t expect that this would make a huge difference, but with having young kids it’s nice to be able to lock doors behind them when they get home from school. I also like the ability to arm and disarm the system as I pull into the garage on my phone.


A View Inside, Always  

I have alerts sent to my phone when changes occur to the system. For example, I can see when my wife and kids leave in the morning, and when they arrive home each day. We also just spent a week in Florida and had a dog-sitter watching our pups. Through the Helix platform, we were able to track how many times a day (and for how long) our sitter was at the house. This gave us a peace of mind that our dogs were well taken care of.

Ease of Use

Wireless security is an incredible asset to anyone who’s concerned with the safety and wellbeing of their family. The Helix is incredibly user friendly, so you don’t need to be tech savvy to benefit from this technology. We have two girls, ages 5 and 8, whom are both able to arm and disarm the system with ease. The wireless cameras can be moved anywhere in house without having to re-integrate them into the Helix platform. We can also add other wireless equipment like thermostats, motion detectors, lighting, etc. with ease.

Recently, I found another layer of access with Helix. I can see which zones are open on my phone. I got the usual alert that my wife and kids were home and they disarmed the system.  Looking closer, I also see that the front door and kitchen door are both open. This is very cool!

Are you interested in learning more about the Helix platform? Here’s what you need to know.

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