Halo Brings Angels into Home Automation

Welcome to our weekly home automation product coverage—features that get you in-the-know on the latest home technology in less than two minutes.

Ever feel like you have an angel watching over you and your loved ones?

As we know from Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, safety and protection is a basic human necessity. While it’s nice to feel like you have an angel taking care of your family, it’s not the same as knowing you have an angel.

Halo Smart Labs, highlighted in this Security Sales & Integration article, has changed that though, taking families from feeling to knowing they have an angel above. The Charlotte, NC-based startup offers a smart alarm devices that combine multilayer sensor technology to detect flash fires, smoldering fires, and rising CO levels. The Halo and Halo WX devices integrate with iOS and Android operating systems to provide users with safety threat notifications. Additionally, the Halo WX sends tornado watch and tornado warning notifications.


The company recently raised $900,000 in seed funding, highlighting not only an opportunity for an angel investor pun, but a paradigm shift in the perception of home automation’s increasing importance and relevance in the lives of everyday consumers as well. Halo is one example of a number of startups forming in the home automation space (ALSO READ: Peeple turns your front door into a Caller ID).

As practical applications for home automation continue to be released, consumers become more comfortable with the idea of the “home of the future” being the “home of today”.

In providing your family its very own angel, it’s hard to imagine turning down a Halo overhead.

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