Resolution Products Engineer Q&A : The Faces Behind Helix

Behind every successful product, is a person or group of people who made it all possible. These people all have personal lives, hobbies, and intimate circles outside of their careers that have shaped their performance within the workplace. Whether it’s to relieve stress, kick back and relax, or focusing their attention on a different project, each individual has a hobby or background that brings in a personality that helps drive an invention.

At Resolution Products, RF and Embedded Systems Engineer, Ben Kyllo, contributed his knowledge of home automation integration as well as his driven personality, both inside and outside of work, to make Resolution’s Helix a reality. With an interest in rebuilding cars and unable to sit still for too long, Kyllo brings an exciting dynamic to the Resolution engineering team.

Ben Working on his Car
Ben getting his hands dirty working on a WRX STI engine.

Q: How did your experience benefit the team in designing Helix?

A: I’m the only one currently in the company that knows how to write code for Z-Wave home automation. There is a lot more going on under the hood to control Z-wave devices than most people think; it’s quite a challenge actually, to make every device on the market play nice.

Like a lot of other engineers here, I also have a background (degrees and experience) in both software, and hardware design. It really helps to know what’s going on in both worlds when designing new products.

Q: What is your favorite part about the Helix design?

A: I like that you can place Helix in any room of the house because it is not tethered to a built in user interface, or keypad. The big drawback of most of our competitor’s systems is that you need to drill holes in the wall for a power cord, and sometimes an Internet cable. It’s really nice to control our system from anywhere you want, from a phone, a tablet, a computer, or a Helipad.

Q: What are your interests outside of work?

A: I can’t sit still outside of work most of the time, I always need a project to work on to keep me busy. I’m big into working on cars, rebuilding engines, and car restoration; all self taught as I go along, so I’m always learning something new which is exciting. I have three project cars at the moment; I’m on a Subaru binge right now, so they’re all Subarus. I have a WRX STI that I’ve rebuilt the engine on, and currently I’m working on rebuilding and restoring an old SVX, to make into a fun weekend autocross-racing car.

Ben restoring another engine.
Ben restoring another engine.


Ben’s racing Subaru crossing the finish line at an Autocross race.
Ben’s racing Subaru crossing the finish line at an Autocross race.

I’m also big into biking; mountain biking and road biking. Bit of a bike hoarder, have 4 bikes, including a Cervelo Soloist racing bike that I custom built with top of the line SRAM Red carbon fiber components.

Q: What’s an interesting hidden talent you have?

A: Can you call a musical background a hidden talent? Not sure if this is exactly a unique talent, but I can play a ton of instruments. Been playing piano since 2nd grade, play guitar, and can play just about any brass instrument except the French horn.

Q: What’s your absolute favorite thing to do on the weekend?

A: Find any excuse to get outside and enjoy the outdoors. Just about any reason is good enough; biking, hiking, walking, running, camping, yard or housework, you name it.

Ben and his wife, Kelly, posing on a trip to the Badlands.
Ben and his wife, Kelly, posing on a trip to the Badlands.

Resolution Products continues to thrive because of the unique and individual personalities that work together to deliver the best wireless home security and automation products possible.

“Caring means having a really good product and have a really good product is how you make a difference.” -Brian Seemann, President.

Stay tuned for more individual profiles of Resolution employees that contributed their passion and work ethic to the award winning Helix.

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