In the Garden with Edyn: How Your Garden Can Become Apart of Your Smart Home

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To a lot of people, their garden is just as much apart of their home as their living room, kitchen, and master bathroom. It’s a source of comfort, a place to exert hard work, and even a primary source of food (vegans, we’re looking at you).

So while there are home automation products that add convenience like adjusting your thermostat without having to get up, or making sure your doors are locked while you’re away, why not apply that same convenience and sense of security to your garden?

Now there’s a product that keeps track of your plants’ needs–and it’s called Edyn.


Edyn provides two separate products. The first product is their Garden Sensor. It’s a small solar powered panel mounted on a stake that is shunted directly into the garden’s soil. The sensor on the stake measures moisture and nutrition levels and suggests what type of organic fertilizer to use (only the best for your plants!). It also helps the user find the best source of sunlight depending on which plant you are harvesting. Edyn’s app provides a database for all of the species’ individual care. These messages are all conveyed through Wi-Fi alerts to your smartphone, so you never jeopardize your garden’s health or forget to water again.

The second product by Edyn is their Water Valve. According to their website, it’s described as “more than just a pre-set sprinkler”. Also connected through Wi-Fi, it controls the user’s existing water system based on data gathered by the Garden Sensor. It adapts to your local weather forecast, meaning you’ll save money when the Water Valve automatically shuts off the hose or sprinkler when there’s rain coming. This can also be manually controlled through their app (no more parched plants!). Just set it up hourly on hot days so you come home to perky, happy, flowers and produce.

Edyn grants you real-time data from the roots of your tomatoes to the screen of your smartphone. This can ensure your plants are happy and healthy for summer and many seasons to come.

The Edyn smart garden system is available online and in stores like Home Depot.

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