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Resolution Products Engineer Q&A : The Faces Behind Helix

Behind every successful product, is a person or group of people who made it all possible. These people all have personal lives, hobbies, and intimate circles outside of their careers that have shaped their performance within the workplace. Whether it’s to relieve stress, kick back and relax, or focusing their attention on a different project, each individual has a hobby or background that brings in a personality that helps drive an invention.

At Resolution Products, RF and Embedded Systems Engineer, Ben Kyllo, contributed his knowledge of home automation integration as well as his driven personality, both inside and outside of work, to make Resolution’s Helix a reality. With an interest in rebuilding cars and unable to sit still for too long, Kyllo brings an exciting dynamic to the Resolution engineering team.

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Internet of Things, Home Automation & Professional Security Events You Can’t Miss

The next few months are full of top technology, Internet of Things, home automation and professional security events. Here’s where you’ll be able to hear from subject-matter experts and experience new technologies like the Helix Platform, the first fully wireless professional security system that can be installed anywhere in the home.

We’ll also post live updates and insights shared at events on Facebook and Twitter with the respective event hashtags below. 


Bluetooth World 2015, April 14-15, Santa Clara, CA

Resolution Products engineer Rob Hendrickson will present at Bluetooth World 2015, the only global Bluetooth technology focused conference. Hendrickson is a leader in wireless technology and the designer of the first wearable wireless call button, created for GE Security. Bluetooth World is an official event of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), held at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

Social Media: @BluetoothEvents | #BlueToothWorld

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Lessons Learned in Building an Award-Winning Product for the Security & Home Automation Industry

Innovation has rapidly changed the home security industry, and we’re proud to be a part of it. We’re able to play a role in this evolving world because of our team of engineers who find creative solutions to improve the businesses of the security dealers we partner with and the lives of homeowners who have our products.

The Helix platform, launched in December 2014, is the first professional security panel designed to deliver interactive security and home automation services from a customer’s mobile device.

In the past, Resolution Products has been well-known for making compatible sensors, but not the full system. Over time, dealers started suggesting, “You guys should build a panel. You should do what all the other guys are out there doing, but do it right. You guys get it.” With the dealer voice in mind, our engineering team set out to create something new for the market, instead of just another panel.

Security panel

How the Resolution Products Engineering Team Took on the Creation of the Helix. Read the Full Story Below. 

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How the Smart Home Conversation is Shifting

smart-home-graphic Silicon Angle

Guest Contribution from SuretyDIY’s Ryan Boder

Question: Is home automation a trend that will die down? Or, do you think we’ll continue to see it dominate conversations like it did at International CES?

Read Ryan’s Full Response Below

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Smart Home Evolution Starts with Security

Innovations in the connected home have been a hot tech topic over the last few years, but it’s never been hotter than it was at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this January.

One of the many events focused on the connected home was the Evolution of the Smart Home Supersession. Panelists included executives and directors from technology companies who have developed innovations in the space.

Smart Home

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The 7 Coolest Connected Finds at CES 2015

#CES2015 was a blast, and we’re lucky enough to come home with some hardware. Resolution Products was awarded the TechHome 2015 Mark of Excellence Award for Residential Security Product of the Year Award for the Helix Security and Home Automation Platform from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). View all of the CEA Mark of Excellence Award winners here.


The Internet of Things and the connected home were dominant at this year’s show, and there was no shortage of gadgets and new ways to connect with the devices in your home. Now that CES is behind us, we’ve had a minute to reflect on what we saw, and wanted to share with you the coolest connected innovations we came across.


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What Not to Miss at #CES2015 in the Connected Home Category

CES, the world’s largest consumer electronics show, will bring together the most innovative products and companies from around the world. The connected home, also known as the smart home, is one of the fastest growing categories within consumer electronics. At this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, January 6-9, smart home technologies and gadgets will be among the most highly anticipated attractions.

2015 International CES

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Helix in Action: Connected to Your Life, Not the Wall [Video]

What does it look like when your security system is connected to your life, not the wall?

Here’s how Helix offers security, home automation and smart phone control, so you can protect your home and family from anywhere.

Interested in getting Helix? Let us know here, and we’ll contact you today.

Sales Sizzle Without The Screen: Connect to People, Not the Wall

There are many people in the security industry that believe a wall mounted touch screen drives consumer adoption of security and automation services.  But, there are a couple of little companies out there—like Apple, Google, and Samsung—that have a different opinion.  Successful delivery of security and home automation services need to connect to the consumers’ life, not to their wall. Especially in this new “age of the customer”, it’s about optimizing user experience, not about the way things have always been done.

A quick review of the popular features of these new and advanced security platforms highlights why this new experience will drive the market.  Many widely-installed systems from companies like Honeywell®, 2GIG®, Qolsys® and Interlogix® all promote being able to easily review the weather, turn on lights, or view the latest news from the convenience of the hallway where your security system is installed.  But today, people already have this information in the palm of their hand.  How?  They grabbed their phone or tablet off the nightstand, and did a quick review on the latest news and other topics of interest.  People groan enough, just being asked to go change the thermostat; why will they be delighted to go check the weather in the hallway?  If “automation” means going to that screen over there, how carefree is that going to be?

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Monetizing The Internet of Things (IoT) In Connected-Home Security


Resolution’s Helix™ platform places security dealers directly in the IoT market!

There are countless research reports, numerous acquisitions and continued corporate investments being made to pursue and understand the Internet of Things. Gartner indicates this market will reach 26 billion units by 2020, delivering over $300B in incremental revenue. Cisco projects 50 billion devices will be connected by 2020. Intel is much more optimistic, projecting over 200 billion in the same year. A theme consistently reported by market research firms, corporations and economists is that devices will be connecting to networks at a feverish pace. Business models will evolve to monetize the expanding ecosystem of communicating devices. Many new entrants will likely look to security dealers as a path to accomplish this, given their proven delivery of services around connected sensors.

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