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In the Garden with Edyn: How Your Garden Can Become Apart of Your Smart Home

Welcome to our weekly home automation product coverage—features that get you in-the-know on the latest home technology in less than two minutes.

To a lot of people, their garden is just as much apart of their home as their living room, kitchen, and master bathroom. It’s a source of comfort, a place to exert hard work, and even a primary source of food (vegans, we’re looking at you).

So while there are home automation products that add convenience like adjusting your thermostat without having to get up, or making sure your doors are locked while you’re away, why not apply that same convenience and sense of security to your garden?

Now there’s a product that keeps track of your plants’ needs–and it’s called Edyn.


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Home Security: The ‘Keys to the Kingdom’ in the Smart Home Market

Big buzz doesn’t always mean big money, or in the case of the smart home, widespread adoption. Michael Wolf, one of the industry’s most well-known IoT and smart home analysts, offers a refreshing, and honest, perspective on the smart home market in his recent article “The Coming Smart Home Shakeout.”

“The smart home industry is trying to figure itself out, Wolf said. “Companies like Best Buy, Lowe’s and others that have jumped into this market with gusto aren’t always seeing the type of demand they want for the products given the amount of shelf space they’ve allocated.”

The smart home products that are getting noticed by consumers? The ones that they understand—and understand a true need for—Wolf explains.


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ISC West 2015: Recaps & Happenings from the Security Industry’s Largest Event

ISC West is one of the biggest events of the year. We were excited to take part in the conversation and have attendees see and experience the Helix platform in person. Here’s a roundup of ISC West happenings and content following the incredible event.

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SSI Editor Checks in With 14 ISC West Exhibitors
Editor-in-Chief Scott Goldfine sums up select highlights from his busy show schedule including a check-in with Resolution Products. “The really hot item is the firm’s new Helix panel, which can be installed virtually anywhere and communicates with smartphones via Bluetooth and Internet. The modem-like device has no GUI and when combined with SecureNet Technologies services is positioned to facilitate Internet of Things (IoT)-type connectivity and control.”

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Security Industry Media Resource List

The security industry is full of knowledgeable professionals willing to share, interact and learn from one another. To help better connect us all, we’ve put together a list of leading security industry media sites, magazines, forums and resources.


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The 7 Coolest Connected Finds at CES 2015

#CES2015 was a blast, and we’re lucky enough to come home with some hardware. Resolution Products was awarded the TechHome 2015 Mark of Excellence Award for Residential Security Product of the Year Award for the Helix Security and Home Automation Platform from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). View all of the CEA Mark of Excellence Award winners here.


The Internet of Things and the connected home were dominant at this year’s show, and there was no shortage of gadgets and new ways to connect with the devices in your home. Now that CES is behind us, we’ve had a minute to reflect on what we saw, and wanted to share with you the coolest connected innovations we came across.


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Smart Phones Don’t Exist

It’s probably in your hand or sitting next to you right now. That thing you call a phone, it goes everywhere with you because it does anything you need it to. Ironically, you probably use it to talk less than all of the other activities you do on your “smartphone.” Think about it– these devices are used for everything but talking.

I’ll open with a few statistics that I invite you to verify on the device you are likely using to read this story.  As you may have guessed by now, I find this label restricting and inaccurate.

It took 39 years for the telephone to reach 40% of U.S. households, but only 10 years for smartphones to reach the same adoption level. [Source: United Nations’ telecommunications agency via Quartz] Further, 79% of people ages 18-44 have their smart phones within an arms-reach 22 hours a day.  The average American spends approximately 162 minutes per day using this device, and 80% of this group will reach for the smartphone upon waking before doing anything else. [Source: Flurry Analytics (Yahoo!), ComScore, NetMarketShare]

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12 Reasons to Go Wireless for the Holidays

The holiday season is all about spending time with family. The last thing homeowners want to worry about is home security. Unfortunately, December seems to bring out the grinches who try to spoil everyone’s seasonal fun. That’s where technology can help. We’ve compiled a list of 12 reasons to go wireless for the holidays.


12. Holiday Lights  
Show your Christmas tree that you care by turning lights on and off even when away. Controlling lights remotely helps homeowners save on energy costs and keeps potential thieves seconding-guessing if someone is home or not.

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