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Resolution Products Engineer Q&A : The Faces Behind Helix

Behind every successful product, is a person or group of people who made it all possible. These people all have personal lives, hobbies, and intimate circles outside of their careers that have shaped their performance within the workplace. Whether it’s to relieve stress, kick back and relax, or focusing their attention on a different project, each individual has a hobby or background that brings in a personality that helps drive an invention.

At Resolution Products, RF and Embedded Systems Engineer, Ben Kyllo, contributed his knowledge of home automation integration as well as his driven personality, both inside and outside of work, to make Resolution’s Helix a reality. With an interest in rebuilding cars and unable to sit still for too long, Kyllo brings an exciting dynamic to the Resolution engineering team.

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Q&A with Ryan Boder: What Platform will the Smart Home Stand On?

Ryan Boder Surety DIYRyan Boder is an experienced security and automation expert, engineer, and the President of suretyDIY security and automation. Ryan founded surety DIY with a single goal — to shake up the security industry and show customers that if can be done differently, that it can be better.

Ryan’s experience in home security includes designing and installing custom security systems for the high-end residences of the rich and famous. Ryan’s areas of expertise are security and automation systems, the cohesive integration of heterogeneous devices, QoS in wireless networks, internet and web based software, and more.

We recently had the opportunity to speak with Ryan about hot topics and trends in home automation and security.

Read Ryan’s thoughts on the smart home and the future of home security and automation below:

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The IoT and the Connected Home in 2020

If this year’s International CES was any indication, 2015 will be the strongest year yet for the smart home category. As many startups focus on creating innovative gadgets, a bigger battle is taking place for the platform that will control the smart home.

Internet of Everything

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9 Security Advantages: Utilizing Improvements to Secure Your Home

Home Improvement Pic

Home improvements are often seen as cosmetic upgrades while the core function of your house is often forgotten — security. Our homes protect us from the elements and potential intruders, but do we take an active role in preventing risks and break-ins? Burglars and criminals make a living by taking advantage of our homes’ weaknesses and are constantly looking for an edge.

The smart home is bringing a new level of security into our lives. Controlling your front door lock from 50 miles away or being able to see who is at your doorstep remotely was once just a dream, and now it’s a reality. While home automation and smart security systems are making our homes safer, there are structural and cosmetic home improvements every homeowner can take to protect themselves and their family.

Iron Security, a premium provider of residential and business security systems, recently shared nine ways homeowners can upgrade their home while increasing safety. Below are there nine suggestions for securing your home.

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Smart Home Evolution Starts with Security

Innovations in the connected home have been a hot tech topic over the last few years, but it’s never been hotter than it was at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this January.

One of the many events focused on the connected home was the Evolution of the Smart Home Supersession. Panelists included executives and directors from technology companies who have developed innovations in the space.

Smart Home

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The 7 Coolest Connected Finds at CES 2015

#CES2015 was a blast, and we’re lucky enough to come home with some hardware. Resolution Products was awarded the TechHome 2015 Mark of Excellence Award for Residential Security Product of the Year Award for the Helix Security and Home Automation Platform from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). View all of the CEA Mark of Excellence Award winners here.


The Internet of Things and the connected home were dominant at this year’s show, and there was no shortage of gadgets and new ways to connect with the devices in your home. Now that CES is behind us, we’ve had a minute to reflect on what we saw, and wanted to share with you the coolest connected innovations we came across.


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What Not to Miss at #CES2015 in the Connected Home Category

CES, the world’s largest consumer electronics show, will bring together the most innovative products and companies from around the world. The connected home, also known as the smart home, is one of the fastest growing categories within consumer electronics. At this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, January 6-9, smart home technologies and gadgets will be among the most highly anticipated attractions.

2015 International CES

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